Healthy Diet

There is more to life than dieting.

Nutritional Behavior Coaching

Here at Behavior Chef we believe you have the power to change your nutritional habits and change your relationship with food by focusing on behavior, not dieting. 


We utilize a science based, systematic, and values driven approach that allows us to take into consideration the aspects of your healthful behavior that truly matter to you. With that information and data we are able to help guide your nutritional behavior in a direction that promotes life-long results. This is because the power that drives the entire process comes from you. We are here to apply our unique background and expertise in Behavioral Science along with our knowledge of Nutritional Foundations to help you move toward your goals.

If reaching your goals with a supportive, educational and well trained team seems right to you. Sign up for one of our free connection calls by clicking the button below to discuss the process and take one more step toward empowering yourself! We also have a Podcast that releases weekly with valuable tips and tricks as well. Check it out!

-Clint and Tony

Team Behavior Chef