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What does working with us look like?

Why work with us?

We use the science of human behavior to create a program unique to you. Our program is filtered through a values-driven lens that looks at everything from Macros to Mindset, to Sleep, Water intake, Movement, Meal Preparation and much more. We look at everything in your nutritional behavior the create meaningful change that is slow, sustainable and rewarding by introducing new skills through our individual and systemized process.


Here is what you get working with us:
- Values Assessment
- Macro Assessment and Personalized Plan 

- specialized goals based on several key areas to ensure long-term health.
- Values-driven goals based upon preference and assessment results

- Help creating a healthy relationship with food and yourself through mindset work
- Access to our personalized app
- bi-weekly 30 minute video consultation 
- Access to your coach via the app (text message feature) from 7am-6pm daily (we will respond as soon as possible in accordance with business hours).
- Analysis and guidance of your goal progress and adjustments according to need.
- a safe space for you to be vulnerable and to learn how to create sustainable habits
- a 3-phase approach that is designed to assess a your needs, teach you skills and give you space to practice in your day-to-day life to create long-term habits that fit into your life.

What we do not do:
- Restrictive diets
- Limiting food choices
- Tell you to "work harder" 
- quick fix diets
- fad diets
- unrealistic goals

We want to be helpful to you. Our goal is to help you build skills and confidence in a reinforcing environment that leads to skills that translate to every day life. We want you to leave our program with the knowledge of how to maneuver the constant changes life brings with flexibility and freedom.  

We are priced competitively at $200.00 per month for a 3, 6, or 12 month package (discounts apply for longer-terms).

If you are ready to invest in yourself and meet your goals, set up a no-pressure connection call today!