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The Sciences of Behavior Analysis and Nutrition Combined

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach to human behavior. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a nationally recognized certification that those with an advanced degree (Master's or Doctorate) in ABA course work can attain. This distinction allows the title holder to work with clients to analyze and enhance socially significant behaviors. Through identifying strengths and deficits, and the application and replication of treatment packages with the use of data collection, a BCBA can use their skills to effect changes in another's life. Traditionally, BCBAs work with individuals that are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Currently however, the field is expanding to include other areas of human behavior, such as health and nutrition. That is the focus of The Behavior Chef.

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Behavioral Programming for Eating Difficulties

Dinner times rolls around on a typical weeknight. You are trying to throw together a simple meal for the family amidst the chaos of the evening. The idyllic thought of the whole family around the table laughing together while sharing a meal is sadly just out of reach in your home. This is the reality of many families who have to make separate meals during dinner time for their choosy eaters. The frustration for family- and kiddo -is evident when eating presents barriers to every day life. Wouldn't it be great if there was a resource for the family to find some answers to these common pitfalls of food selectivity? There totally is!

The book is called Broccoli Boot Camp written by Keith E. Williams, Ph.D., BCBA and Laura Seiverling, Ph.D., BCBA. The amazing thing about this book is that it is written by two Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are experts in both analyzing human behavior and have extensive experience specifically with food selectivity!

I was recently joined on The Behavior Chef Podcast by Dr. Laura Seiverling. Her and I spoke about the book and the great application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) mixed with every-day life situations.

The great thing about this book is that it is full of interventions that are backed by empirical research, but written in every-day language. Each page is packed with more than just clinical opinion, it is full of research. If you are a family that has a picky eater, this resource is for you. You can learn more about the book here, and more about Dr. Seiverling here.

Here are some links for you to consider for further explanation and review of this great resource!

Whether you are a family who is new to the realm of picky eaters, or you are a seasoned vet in helping others through this struggle, this resource is a must have for your collection!

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