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Are You Ready to Reframe Your Relationship With Wellness?

You deserve your health. You deserve a program that is created from your perspective. Working with Team Behavior Chef is unique because of the understanding and expertise that Clint and Tony have in the field of Behavior Change Psychology.


Here is what that looks like:

A supportive and inviting environment

An understanding of you as a person

Working at a pace that is tailored to your needs and schedule

Creating habits from a place of excitement and encouragement

Goals curated from your preference in 7 key areas of wellness

A chance to practice new skills, share wins and create habits

Reframing your relationship with yourself and how you see nutrition and behavior change


Here is what is doesn’t look like:

Restrictive diets

Pressure to perform

A disconnect from your likes and preferences

Habits created from willpower and grit

Goals chosen for you

Fear based coaching

Moving at a pace too fast for you

Expecting perfection

No Fun


Here is How We Do It:

We utilize Behavior Change Psychology and Data to put you in the driver seat of sustainable habit change

We use Macro Based nutrition coaching

We have a system that moves you from learning a new skill to mastery of that skill in each goal area

We listen to your long term outcomes and values to create customized goals for you

We use a no pressure approach and only focus on the wins even if things are not perfect

We take time (see package information below)

We teach you how to forgot about the scale



Changing behavior is hard. It takes time. That is why we have 3 packages at different time intervals.

3 Month Commitment ($600.00)

6 Month Commitment ($1100.00)

12 Month Commitment ($2200.00)


Payment is either in full or on a monthly basis. 

If you want to connect with us for a free connection call to learn more, sign up below or on our homepage to talk with either Tony or Clint. We can’t wait to talk to you. You deserve your health, so what are you waiting for?

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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