"Working with Clint has been wonderful. I chose Clint over other nutrition-based services because of his background in behavior analysis. As a behavior analyst, Clint knows how to help shape healthy behavior and better habits. Of course, my main motivation was to lose weight but Clint helped me understand that’s is not the only measure of leading a healthy lifestyle. If you are willing to put in the work it takes to make some lifestyle changes, you will see the progress. If you are someone who is concerned about the cost of the program, still consider working with Clint. Working with Clint has helped me to SAVE money because I am not spending money ordering take out or stopping for fast food. I am learning to make more informed choices, stick to my goals, and celebrate non-scale victories. Invest in yourself, it’s worth every penny."

Jenna H.

"I have been struggling with losing weight pretty much all my life. I have tried many different diets, including Isagenix, weight watchers, paleo, and keto. All worked for about a second and then I started slowly gaining the weight back. One day scrolling through Facebook I came across Clint's post on the Behavior Chef Facebook page. He mentioned his journey and asked if anyone needed help with theirs, to message him. I decided that I tried everything and to take a risk to reach out. I was surprised at how fast he responded. We met via zoom and my Journey started from there. Being an ABA therapist, Clint was able to explain things in ABA terms that I understood and related too. Clint helped me realize the reason why I was struggling with my weight. For one I was not eating enough. Another reason was stress.  He has found ways to help me with my stress levels. He also helped me realize what I'm putting in my body and I found myself making healthier choices. I started feeling better about myself and gaining confidence. I also found that I have more energy. Being in Grad school, my meetings with Clint have helped me so much both with my diet and my mental health. I also changed my perspective as it is not about how fast you lose the weight it's about being healthy and learning health habits."

Alanna M.

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