The Behavior Chef is both a voice to disseminate current knowledge as well as an adventuring body in pursuit to explore the relationships between human behavior and food culture in hopes to help people make socially significant behavior changes to better their overall nutritional lifestyle.

Meet The Team

Clint Evans

Clint Evans is the founder and creator and The Behavior Chef. Clint has spent a life of yo-yo dieting and two years ago hit the highest point in his weight to date. After he and his wife both decided to make a behavioral change, he has lost a total of 60 pounds and continues to keep it off and strives to reach other goals related to weight loss and nutrition.
Clint has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 6 years. After becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, he noticed the field pushing into Health, Sports, and Fitness, but not much push was seen for specifically nutrition. This is where The Behavior Chef was born. Clint is currently pursuing extra credentials in the field of nutrition to help marry the worlds of Behavior Change and Nutrition.
Clint created the behavior chef to help others change their habits and contingencies surrounding nutrition, cooking, and misinformation that leads people into "fad diets" and away from sustainable, behavior change. Clint is also pursuing further training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help others see their values surrounding their nutritional habits and apply that to their wants and needs to create lasting behavioral change. Clint hopes that The Behavior Chef can open doors to avenues between the worlds of Nutrition and Behavior and hopes to inspire and help others change their lifestyles and habits for the better along the way.

Tony Chambers

Tony Chambers is a BCBA as of 2019 but has worked in the field for 6 years. Along with a love of all things behavior analysis, Tony is also a 12 year dedicated home cook and pro photographer. Clint has asked Tony to join the Behavior Chef adventure based on his knowledge of cooking and equal enthusiasm in researching how human behavior and nutrition interact.
The road to becoming an accomplished home chef began as a single parent to his oldest son (Isaac 15), wishing to provide him more nutritious, comforting food. Cooking for survival turned into a passion after meeting his wife Katy, with whom they have 3 more children (Daniel 7, Joe 5, Samantha 2).
As life grew so did Tony. He bounced through every diet on record! Nothing would stick around long enough for lasting change. But in 2012, nutrition came into the forefront of the Chambers kitchen when Daniel was born and at 4 weeks old diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Since then, Tony has taken a deeper dive into the science of cooking as well as the science of nutrition. Today, Tony has lost a total of 20 pounds as well as set up a safe, nutritional environment for his son with PWS.
Like Clint, Tony is currently elevating his knowledge in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and continues research into the science of cooking. Tony will apply ACT and behavior analytic science in the kitchen, exploring relationships between home cooking and human behavior in an effort to make home cooking accessible to all, regardless of your level of skill or motivation so you may achieve any health and wellness goal you seek.

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