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Eat Pizza. Take Data. 

Here at Behavior Chef, we look at your nutritional and wellness journey through the lens of behavior. We want you to be in control of this journey, and in doing so learn that you can still enjoy your favorite foods and reach your personal and wellness goals. Below you will find a description of our programs. 

Pizza Meal


12 Week one on one coaching

This is our most popular package. In the Learn package our focus for 12 weeks is starting your journey to flexible wellness.

We work with you to create small, sustainable goals that chain together to create the behavior change that you are looking for in your nutrition and wellness journey.

Every package is individualized to the needs of the person.



24 week One-on-One Coaching 

Just like in the "Learn" package, we focus on the starting point of your wellness journey and we take it a bit farther with more experiential goals for you! In the lead phase of our program, you are put more in the drivers seat of the decisions that we make as a team for your wellness behaviors. 

With more time, we are able to work on mastering some of the foundational skills needed for overall wellness and really dive into the core of you leading a flexible lifestyle.


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Friends Having Pizza


52 week One-on-One Coaching 

In this portion of the program we focus on the skills you have mastered and the sustainability of you practicing these skills slowly without the aide of tracking apps, devices or other stipulations. This is a program designed to take time and develop skills in which you have mastery of and can practice with flexibility in every day life. 



6 Week Live Behavior Change Course

Maybe one on one coaching isn't for you, but you want to learn the basics of behavior change and how that applies to your nutrition and wellness journey. Click the button below to learn more about our 6 week program and sign up for the waitlist of the next cohort!

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