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Wanna See Reframe in action?

Past Collective Participant

"My experience with Reframe was nothing short of fantastic. Tony and Clint led engaging sessions each week, prompting us to align our health goals with our core values. This approach completely transformed how I view nutrition and wellness. Whether you're familiar with behavior analysis or not, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to kickstart their wellness journey."

Past Collective Participant

"Reframe provided me with the tools and guidance to evaluate my values and realign my actions with my health goals. What I appreciated most was the emphasis on flexibility and enjoyment in the journey. This isn't just another checklist—it's a personalized roadmap to sustainable wellness."

Past Collective Participant

"Reframe taught me that I can be in control of my own wellness journey without the need for apps and tracking after going through the collective and utilizing the behavioral techniques that Clint and Tony shared with us. Living my life with my Values driving my course is a wonderful feeling."

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Working From Home


how about 6 FREE CE's geared toward health and wellness?

Take control of your wellness in a way that matters to you.

Ever started a new diet or wellness plan with heaps of enthusiasm, only to hit a wall?

Break free from this cycle with Reframe: a transformative 6-week course empowering you to seize control of your journey for good.

Reframe is not a diet. 

It is not a workout routine.

It is a roadmap. Made specifically to your interests, needs and wants.

It puts YOU in control. We do that through the power of psychological flexibility and insights from a team that is specialized in looking at wellness as an extension of a person's choices and actions and the why behind them.

Plus, if you are a BCBA® or BCABA®, we are throwing in SIX FREE CE's for going through a course designed to help you, it will also help you learn more about the process of applying ABA and Wellness together!


Reframe is offering a 10% discount if you join our August Waitlist! sign up now before all the slots are full!

Details: Coming Monday's in August, there will be a daytime and nighttime class option

Each Monday during our Collective Sessions, we meet at 7pm CST via Zoom sessions, lasting 60-90 minutes, these are intimately designed to foster a supportive environment. We cover course materials, build community connections, and provide take-home assignments to integrate your newfound framework into daily life. Sessions are recorded for playback. For BACB Credential holders there is a CEU package worth 6 General CE's that come your way for FREE with the purchase of the program.

Here's a glimpse into each week:

  1. Values over Rules

  2. Food and Behavior

  3. Understanding Function

  4. Navigating Reinforcement

  5. Crafting Your Plan

  6. Integration and Celebration

Explore the behavior-wellness link with principles from Behavior Analysis, guided by our experienced team.

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