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Do you struggle with staying on track with your nutrition and wellness goals?

We Hear You. 

Does this sound like you:

You start a diet or habit journey with great motivation only to burn out and get stuck?
Would you like to learn how to break free from that behavior trapping mindset? 


That's why we have created a 6 week course to teach you how to take control of your wellness journey for good.


Say hello to Reframe.

 We will meet via zoom on Thursdays. We meet as a cohort for 60-90 minutes, go over the material, build a community and each week there is a take home assignment to help each person ease into their new framework. Course videos are recorded for playback during the duration of the cohort.

Below is a gallery of what each week covers.

 Everything is conveniently located on our website app or your computer and it's completely closed, so each group has the privacy and community to safely share their experiences!

Here is the breakdown of the program:

Week One: Values over Rules

In this week we explore the introduction to behavior change. We discuss what role do values play in sustainable behavior change and we explore what rules may exist in our lives that keep us from the goals we are looking to achieve.

CEU Outcome: Participants will be able to identify and express motivating operations (values) that are at play in their day to day life as well as identify rules that govern some of their current or past wellness behavior.

Week Two: Food and Behavior

In week two we explore the relationship between food and behavior and how these two topics connect throughout our learning history. We will dive into the Seven Pillars of wellness, which is an assessment tool that Team Behavior Chef utilizes. We will examine the Seven Pillars of Wellness and learn about the connection between these seven pillars and overall wellness. Then, participants will self report what happens before, during and after these target behaviors occur.

CEU Outcome: Participants will be able to understand and implement ABC data on their own wellness behavior, as well as provide examples and non-examples of what wellness behavior looks like in their lives. 


Week Three: We got the Func(tion)

In week three we will explore the "why" behind the behaviors that we engage in during our wellness journey. Participants will connect the last two sessions of values and self-reporting to choosing behaviors to track (one you want to decrease, one you want to increase). We will spend ample time in this subject as we explore the four primary reasons for any behavior and apply that knowledge to our wellness journeys.

CEU Outcome: Participants will be able to identify the four functions of behavior as they relate to their wellness journey. They will be able to identify setting events and potential motivating operations within the work of identifying functions. 

Week Four: Eat the Cake

In week four we will examine what keeps us doing the behaviors that we do. What is it that drives us? We will also dispel misinformation around dieting, eating and overall wellness trends. We will examine the concept of reinforcement and what role it plays in our lives and wellness behavior. We will also examine the difference between boundaries and limiting beliefs in our wellness journey.

CEU Outcome: Participants will be able to distinguish between the different types and functions of reinforcement and punishment as it relates to wellness behavior. Participants will also be able to provide examples and non-examples of what reinforcement and punishment look like in their learning history and current practice. 

Week Five: Build your Recipe

In this week we will combine the previous four sessions to begin creating a personalized behavior plan using the principles of  Behavior Analysis to begin to create a new pattern and habit in our wellness journey.

CEU Outcome: Participants will be able to outline a behavioral contract with themselves using the principles of ABC data collection, preference assessments, clear, concise and complete definitions and create a task-analysis for their self-management contracts.

Week Six: Serve Yourself

This is where we bring it all together. By this time we have identified our values, looked at our history with food and behavior, chose a behavior to change and a behavior to replace it with and created a system that allows us to achieve this on any given day. This is the week that we reflect, ask questions, fine tune and celebrate each other on the new way of addressing wellness behavior in our lives.

CEU Outcome: Participants will create a behavior plan with criteria for short and long term success in their wellness journey. They will utilize shaping, task-analysis and reinforcement to increase desired wellness behaviors while utilizing a tracking system to achieve this. 

Check out a testimonial from one of our pilot cohort members. 

"My experience with reframe was fantastic. Tony and Clint led sessions every week that were engaging and allowed us to think about specific ways that we would like to improve our health journey as it aligned to our values. I have never approached nutrition and wellness in general in this way before, and I believe that aligning my values to my wellness journey has been the missing piece for me all along. The course was easy to follow, for both behavior analysts and non-behavior analysts alike. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in starting their health and wellness journey, and more importantly, anyone that likes to eat pizza and take data!" - Cohort Member

and another:

"I am so glad I went through Reframe with Clint and Tony. It gave me the opportunity to sit through a guided program to help me take the time to evaluate my values and reframe my thinking and actions to fit my own personal health goals. My greatest take away is that this is a journey that can be and should be modified according to life events. It is to be enjoyed and lived, not just a list that needs to be checked off! I am very thankful for this opportunity!" - Cohort Member


The Cost:

Typically, the program costs 200.00+49.99 for the CEU package, But for this winter season we are offering a the whole package for 200.00 and we are throwing in the CEU package for free!! What are you waiting for? Secure your spot now!

While you wait for the program to start, click the button below to join our free Facebook community of almost 4000 people taking control of their wellness journey!

What are you waiting for? Take control of your wellness journey today!

so... you in? 

- Clint and Tony 

Team Behavior Chef

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